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About The Circle, Whistler

The Circle.

A Skate, Snow & Lifestyle Boutique nestled in the heart of Canada’s Snowboard capital, Whistler British Columbia

Established in 1997 by pro snowboarders, Kevin Young and Marc Morriset, is was a place where like-minded snowboarders could call home. Now owned by Steve Harris from British Columbia, and Laura Woerlee from New Zealand, who were also pro snowboarders and both having been snowboarding in Whistler since they were 16.

Shaped like a Circle, the store is a unique retail experience, just like its merchandise, customers, staff and surroundings.

You can find the Circle on Main Street, off the beaten path of whistlers village stroll. Some take days or even years to find us, but it’s all worth while in the end.

The Circle Curates fine goods from all over the world, brands & products that our customers crave. Our staff are passionate and knowledgeable about the products they sell, and live for the Skate, Snow and Lifestyle of the industry.

We take pride in the Products we bring you, which are all hand picked by all of our staff. We hope you like what you see and appreciate the effort we put in to keep the store and our industry relevant and alive. Only Good Things

Shop Local, Support local, Be Local.